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Are You Walking On Eggshells?

Are you in a relationship with someone where you feel you are constantly walking on eggshells? When in a relationship it should be mutually satisfying but, unfortunately all too often one of the partners if not both, can constantly be worried that their partner is seconds away from losing it, or from expressing some kind of disappointment directed at the other person.


Are you constantly concerned you may say or do something wrong? Do you or your partner seem to say “I’m sorry” a lot or do any of you seem defensive a lot of the time? If so this could be an indication that either of you feel you must be cautious around your spouse. If you are unsure that you are contributing to your spouse feeling this way, you should ask them if you are making them feel this way. If you find out that you are causing your spouse to feel this way the good thing about this is you can make adjustments.


Most people do not want their spouses to be frightened by their reactions. It is really difficult to be with someone when you feel as though you are constantly disappointing them. When someone feels like they are walking on eggshells they almost always distance themselves from the other person they are afraid of disappointing and this creates a huge bump in their relationship. The person will most likely stop sharing whenever they feel they are at risk of undeserved criticism.


The first step to fix this would be to see it is in everybody’s best interest that nobody should feel like they’re walking on eggshells. Next it is important to pay close attention to your own feelings of frustration. Anytime you start to feel tense, remind yourself to lighten up and put things in perspective. Remind yourself how important your relationship is rather than the things that are “bugging” you. You will end up finding that your feelings of frustration will fade and your love for your partner will get deeper.


Another good idea would be to create a plan to be more loving. Most people tend to want their loved ones to change. We have no control over changing our spouse however, you do have a great deal of influence over your own destiny. We all have the control to change ourselves and become better versions of ourselves. It’s good to make a plan to make these changes we become aware of in order to become a more loving person as well.

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