Don’t Talk About Every Thought To Your Partner

It is so important that you learn how to stop sweating the small things in your relationship. So many thoughts pass through our minds in a day, in fact thousands do. Don’t  Talk About  Every Thought To Your Partner. Some thoughts are best to pass.

Your thoughts are made up of your many ideas, plans, expectations, and memories. So, of course some thoughts are happy while others are not. You have concerns, worries, maybe predictions and some confusion. You think about the past and you think about the future.


Many of your thoughts are classified as passing thoughts. Some thoughts you have you tend to hold them there to examine it more. At times you give that thought undivided attention and you attach more to it. While it’s in your mind you may start thinking about something your spouse did that upset you before, you may even add much more to what they did to make you angry and the thing is your spouse isn’t even there with you to cause these thoughts you are having at the moment! You are getting more frustrated by the moment as you keep thinking.


As you can see it is pretty easy to create an issue over practically anything. All which is required by you is to keep feeding your thought the attention. The problem is if you can not see how your own thinking contributes to the issues that frustrate you, then pretty soon your relationship will be filled up with many other issues and you may also feel that it is your spouse’s fault.


The solution here is to be willing to accept the fact that many annoyances are simply passing thoughts that we should not even pay any mind to. Don’t always talk about your every thought to your partner. The next time you find yourself feeling irritated, check in with your thinking. Are you holding onto a passing thought instead of allowing it to pass by? If you start doing this you should find that many issues in your relationship will begin to fade away. If a thought is truly important it will come back but, please examine it before reacting to avoid fights.

don't talk about every thought to your partner

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