Fixing My Marriage

Most likely you’re here because you may want to fix a broken marriage. Fixing a marriage isn’t easy and will take a lot of effort and you may be in a lot of emotional pain while trying to fix your marriage. You know one thing people don’t think about while trying to “fix their marriage’ is that they have to make changes sometimes. You can’t expect different results when you are going about everything in the same way all of the time, most of us know this is insanity to do so. 

Sometimes we overreact to things that really aren’t such a big deal but because something else had been building up inside of us and we haven’t properly communicated it then we end up exploding, things in return start getting way worse and we come to a point where we start thinking “Geez, I need to start fixing my marriage”. But, how can someone fix their marriage when they got so deep into anger and resentment?

In marriage one thing that can bring peace is learning to accept each other’s flaws rather than trying to get your partner to change. It’s best to embrace the fact that you are just two human beings doing the best you can. If you can get mutual acceptance of your humanness it can keep your relationship rich, loving, alive, nourishing, and interesting. Couples end up forgetting this importance.

Fixing a marriage can be much more about just accepting. So many people become angry, jealous,or resentful when their partner turns out to be nothing other than a human. Many times people become more tolerant and patient with strangers rather than with their partners. People tend to put expectations on their partner that are totally unreasonable. They expect their partner to be capable of reading their mind rather than communicating to their partner their needs. It’s good to make allowances in your heart for your partner.

Fix a Broken Marriage

To fix a broken marriage it’s important to know that people make mistakes. People say things and sometimes do things to people they love that may dissappoint the other. Sometimes people use good judgement, sometimes they don’t. At times people are in bad moods, at other times they are not. Things can be up for awhile, then down. This is normal because that’s just life. What we are shown on television or in movies is nothing more than that, it’s not real life. You just have to learn to get through things rather than just giving up when things get hard.

When people get married they tend to forget that they’re partner is still that person they married, still that human being. People start to make rules and when them rules are broken then the person gets hurt, angry, jealous or down. This is a huge issue that can cause communication shut down between the two people. Who would want to be honest or share with a person that wasn’t allowing the other to be a human? It’s unrealistic. When the communication shut down happens, walls go up between you and your partner.



If your partner begins to feel they can’t share things with you without criticism, they will stop sharing things with you. If you can’t talk about any of your fears without being lectured, they will start sharing with someone else. Many couples lose their friendship and their intimacy because they stop allowing the other to be a human being. Most likely what happens is they push their partner away.

This article isn’t about having an affair but just reminding you that everyone is human and none of us are perfect. It’s best to stop being so demanding if you have been and start bringing back your friendship with your spouse. Everyone needs to have growth in their relationship and if it means taking a step back for a moment and looking at things you may have said or did that could of been unreasonable then so be it. It is possible to fix a broken marriage but it is important to take a look at yourself as well. Remember we are all human and there are two people in the marriage.


fixing my marriage


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