How To Deal With Family During Holidays

How To Deal With Family During Holidays

The holidays are supposed to be a fun time of the year but for some people holiday time can be very stressful. No families are perfect although they may seem that way on the outside. For some people they may have past or present hurts from certain members in their families which makes it hard at holiday time to be around them members of their families. Keep reading this article through on How To Deal With Family During Holidays that way you can get through the holidays with less stress or at least you will have some knowledge on how to have less stress during the holidays.

If you are abused or have been abused maybe being around the family member that did this to you may not be a good idea unless you have been able to forgive them and have moved forward. If being around this person triggers you in any way, to have less stress and enjoy the holidays don’t bother facing this person. 

If you are having so much difficulty in your marriage and are unsure of how you will survive the holidays because of all the strife with your spouse try looking past the hurtful things your spouse may of said or done to you as well as what you may of said or done to them. Christmas time is a time of showing love to one another although this should be all the time of course, a time for forgiveness and a time to enjoy our family and close friends. Some people don’t have the luxury of any family or friends and people should think of this when complaining about their loved ones. 


How To Deal With Family During Holidays

It’s good to think about others more than ourselves during the holidays. A great way to help oneself feel better during the holidays is to give to others. Maybe there’s someone you know or perhaps you don’t know that you can help during this time. You don’t have to give money if you don’t have the means but you can surely make someone’s day and bring their spirits up by giving them something you no longer need or something you are just feeling the urge to give to someone. Don’t sit around and dwell on all the negative things going on in your life right now.


Get in a thankful mood. Be thankful for what you have and for each day you are still here on this earth. Sitting around and swelling on everything that’s wrong in your life is only going to make you feel even worse and you definitely will have a hard time enjoying yourself during the holidays. Are you having trouble getting in the Christmas spirit? Please honestly try giving to someone without expecting anything back in return, you will feel so good when you see how happy you most likely made the person. As I said as well think about the people that have nobody or nothing, be appreciative of what you have. Let your loved ones know how much you love them. 


Be intentional on making yourself feel better so you don’t get all stressed out and overwhelmed. Here is a good article to read about enjoying the small things. People can’t expect others to do the work to make them feel better, it’s important to do this on their own. Learn to love unconditionally rather than only if you are getting the results you want from your relationship. Learn to have no expectations and things may flow the exact way you need. I hope this brief article on How To Deal With Family During Holidays helped you see a bit from a different perspective.

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