How to Heal Our Heart

When we’ve been hurt we have to find a way on how to heal our heart. We have to have the desire to be healed. The truth isn’t always easy. Many of us tend to hide from the truth. It takes work and motivation to get past all of the obstacles that we may have allowed to stop us from actually healing.

We have to decide if we want to sit there and remain in depression and as for some people may also hold a bitterness as well or, do we want to live freely? Just because someone hurt our heart and let us down does not mean we have to stay in the pit.

The first obstacle we have to deal with would be our avoidance. Avoiding the problem does not make it go away. We have to find the root of our problem. We can’t constantly blame others for our behavior. We have to own up to how we react to things and do better if we want to be happy.

We can’t ignore our past but, we can move forward rather than dwelling on our pasts. Constantly speaking about our hurt or our pasts only keeps us bitter and miserable. We have to take responsibility for our own happiness. When we see our life is not going well, we need to make changes and start seeing things differently.


how to heal our heart

We may honestly have to get uncomfortable at times to begin our healing process. When we take total responsibility for our own happiness, life will start to get better. Be encouraged!

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