Get Love From Spouse Again

Make Time For Your Spouse

Many times our “busy lives” get in the way of our relationship with our spouse. We are too busy to make time for them, when this happens things will most likely go downhill. It’s imperative that you make time for your spouse. It’s important that you are tending to your loved ones’ needs. We all need to feel loved, wanted and important to our spouse. 


After people are with someone for so long what happens is they start taking their loved ones for granted without even realizing it at times. As long as they become aware that they have taken their spouse for granted the good thing is they can fix this with some effort. The first solution to resolving this would be to have a talk with your partner letting them know that you apologize for your behavior. Then you should be dedicating time to working on your relationship. Start slowing things down in your busy life.

make time for your spouse

Start focusing more on your spouse, communicate with them, listen to what they have to say even if you don’t want to hear it. Sometimes we have to put our spouse’s needs before ours. If you learn to do this more often, chances are your spouse may start doing the same so it will become a win win situation. When your spouse sees you making an effort toward your relationship they are going to try harder most likely. They should start to feel wanted again and loved by you. 


Ways To Spend Time With Your Spouse


  • Go for a nature walk together or a walk near a lake
  • Have a paint night together with a youtube video
  • Start learning a language together
  • Go for a long car ride
  • Play a board game
  • Find a new recipe and cook it together

There are many other ways to spend time with your spouse but these are some simple ones to start with.

I want to add another helpful thing for your relationship is to show gratitude to your partner. Let them know how much you appreciate them. Let them know how thankful you are for whatever things they may do for you, sacrifice for you, etc. When you show your partner how thankful you are for them and the things they do for you, chances are you are opening up their heart a bit more for you once again and they are feeling appreciated. I highly suggest checking this website out called Focus On The Family, if you click on the link I provided you will see 8 steps for making time in your marriage.

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