Save My Marriage Mini Course

Save My Marriage Mini Course

WARNING!! Everything you thought you knew about avoiding divorce and saving your marriage you must abandon now!! Save my marriage mini course could definitely be what you’ve needed for your marriage!

Over the next 6 days you’re going to discover everything you never knew about your marriage… And you’ll learn how your behavior can stop marriage problems in their tracks… without any effort by your partner!

In our Free 6 part ‘The 6 Most Common Reasons for Divorce… And How to Stop Them Happening to You!!” email mini course, you’ll discover:
The top six predictors of divorce. Be aware of the statistics so that you can confront them head-on!
The top six predictors of a long-lasting marriage. Are the odds in your favor?
What to do if the love is gone. You’ll be astounded at this advice!
Growing Apart? How to Keep it from happening to you!
The Do’s and Don’ts of Communication. Are bad communication patterns keeping your spouse from sharing with you?
Your Partner is a Book. Read him/her, even if you haven’t shared in the past!
The dangers of being a workaholic, 25 relationship killers, affairs – how to spot them and prevent them from occurring, how to communicate better, and more…




save my marriage mini course


  • RoDarrick

    This could actually not just save marriages alone, I think it can help to heal up a broken marriage and end divorce too. This might be simply golden considering peoples comments and testimonies concerning this mini course concerning marriage. I have a colleague who is on the verge of divorcing her husband, I will suggest this to her and hopefully, it would help her out. Thanks 

  • Jagi

    This sounds great. Many people nowadays need marriage advice, especially marriages that have been long-running. Unfortunately, some people fall out of love. I like that you may have some advice on how to fall back in love with your partner.

    These days many marriages end in divorce. Didn’t happen before because people worked hard at their marriage, now it is just much easier to separate. Sadly, this ends up affecting the people around the couple, especially the children.

    My husband and I were having our problems, where we decided separation may be the best thing for us. But we ended up seeing a counselor who showed us ways to save our marriage. And we did.

  • Chris

    I came across your website accidentally but I have to say while my marriage is doing just fine, it’s nice to know that there are people in this world that care and want to help others. I’m sure this mini course provides some great insight and hope for those that need it. Hats off to you!

  • Aly

    A mini course for 6 days sounds very reasonable — something that anyone willing and wanting to save their marriage would gladly sign up for. You mention that the course and proven techniques are based on the latest research… what can you share about the research (is it faith-based, scientific studies, anecdotes, etc)? Thank you.

    • admin

      Hi Aly

      Andrew Rusbatch is the creator of this course and he has been working with a team right from the beginning. He has counselled hundreds of couples through huge challenges in their marriages. Andrew hosts and guides discussion of solutions to a whole host of marriage problems including help for couples dealing with depression, addiction, infidelity, money problems, mental illness, falling out of love, anger issues, conflict resolution, the list goes on! 

  • Riaz Shah

    Interesting, so this is the marriage save eCourse I’ve been hearing about! I came across a few sites promoting the same course too and seeing it on your site confirms that I should give it a go! Out of curiosity, will this work if a marriage has been broken for more than a year already? I’m worried that it might be difficult to rekindle the old flame :/

    • admin

      Hi Riaz. Yes this course is really beneficial to those with broken marriages.This is the best thing one can promote because it’s so meaningful and people these days just don’t take marriage very seriously anymore.

  • Wayne

    Hello, Nicole.  What you are doing is something that is needed in so many marriages and I hope you are able to reach 1000’s with this material.

    My wife and I have been married for almost 24 years and I could count the number of disagreements we have had on less than 2 hands.  I say “disagreements” because we have never yelled at each other. We deeply respect each other and we always try to do the little things for each other.

    The word “divorce” has never entered our minds and we have stuck to our commitment to love each other no matter what.  

    Forgiveness comes quickly when you can look at yourself and see your own faults.  And, I think that’s a major key to a successful marriage, don’t you?

    After all, God forgave us when we were yet sinners.  Shouldn’t we do the same for our spouse? No body’s perfect,


    • admin

      Hi Wayne!

      I am so happy to hear how great your marriage is. I think you said one of the key words to a successful marriage…respect…there has to be respect in a relationship for it to have success. Forgiveness too, thank you! So many times people hold grudges against each other, when doing so this causes even more friction in the relationship. Somethings have to be let go of…

  • MissusB

    Most married couples would definitely want to make a successful married life. There are times when relationships do fail or would hit the lowest point of their lives but I think if given effort, will be saved. Sometimes culture, religion, career become factors of fights and misunderstanding. Good thing there are websites like Amy’s that give guidance, reminders and tips on how to save a beautiful relationship and make it last. Marital problems shouldn’t be given up easily. Great relationship and romance should be kept and continued with overflowing love for each other. Mini courses on the matters of saving a marriage is a must try by the couple and not just a one way street.  

  • Rina

    Marriage is indeed a work in progress for most, so, any help to understand and resolve any issues between the couples is of course a great help! Too many I think give up too easily and that is why there are so many seperations and divorces, and it can be so hard on the children especially those who are aware of what is happening around them. I have experienced my own daughter go through it with her children and it was not good for any of them. Time heals though and they are all settled into a satisfactory dual parenting arrangement now which seems to work. 

    • admin

      I totally agree with you that people give up too easily. In fact it seems so common these days, marriage isn’t like it used to be. People just don’t value their marriages as much as they did back in the day. I love when I speak to people that have been with their spouse for more than 20 years! It’s encouraging and love to hear their tips!

  • Myrna Dalton

    Great article. I couldn’t stop reading. I’m ordering your course. You have great knowledge and insight. My husband and I have been separated for awhile, we have Ben dating, again, and working on our relationship. This is exactly what I have been looking for. 

    It has taken me awhile to get over him cheating and to learn to understand and cope with his anger about his life. Thank you for this information and guidance. 

  • Edwin Bernard

    I think this course could be helpful to people who really want to save their teetering marriage. As long as there is a desire on both sides to do so, there is hope. Of course, a better course of action would be to take preventive action. Some of the topics you listed can be helpful in predicting the danger signs before they go beyond the point of no return. So in a way, preemptive measures can be taken to stem the momentum towards a failed marriage.

    My wife and I have been married for 38 years. We went through many phases that were natural progressions in a relationship. Of course we had many crises. But we discovered that be giving each other space to develop our own talents helped a lot. 

    I wish you much success in helping married couples recognize the danger signs early enough so that they can take action to keep a loving relationship going.

  • AirplaneJane

    I agree 100% that many times an issue can be changed based on actions by how we react ourselves. The course looks like it would be good for someone who is in dispair in their marriage. 

    It is nice to see the positive reviews as well to help make a decision in going forward

  • Henderson

    Wow, I think ilthis is a good course and I should try it out. This course might not just be able to predict relationships that’ll last and those that won’t, it can help deal with relationship issues and even prevent divorce and heartbreak. Will I try this course out, definitely. I like that there are testimonials too that shows that it really works. This is worth sharing. Thanks.

  • Priscilla Middleton-Fauntleroy

    This mini course on marriage seems very interested.  I see you gave bullet points on what it is about and that is very helpful. I would like to learn  more about how you approach each item.  I am pretty sure the information in the course is juicy and would be helpful to those who are struggling in their marriages.  Thanks for sharing.

    • admin

      Hi Priscilla, yes people that purchase the course will find what they’ve been doing wrong in their marriage as well that maybe they can’t see right now. They will also learn valuable strategies on how to go about some challenges in their marriage.

  • Ray

    This is an excellent post and I hope it reaches people who need it most.

    Like most people, I failed at marriage and divorced and told myself I would try being single for a while. That was over 35 years ago, so I guess I like being single.

    However, I do no a few people who might really benefit from your course and will be passing it on to them.

    Thanks for writing this. I’m sure it will help a lot of people.

  • shirian

    If a couple is worthy of maintaining their marriage, then, they may are qualified to live together.If they have the characteristics of a successful marriage and need help, guidance, and advice to save their marriage ,of course this sorts of program would definitely be a great course to keep people succeed onto their life(marriage). Some people are not the marriage material or at least there would be a big gap of Attitudes, Personality and Behavioral Differences between them and there is no point to be get together for the rest of their life…If, Even if, they stay in marriage for the sake of staying in the marriage,This is a more tragic humor that they are not going to be able to create a lasting sense of responsibility, and for them it is only a matter of time to get come to the conclusion that merely sacrificing own assets is not going to work any longer, as a result Divorce and Separation might be a right solution for both man and woman!.

  • Sondra M

    This mini-course about how to save your marriage sounds very helpful.   Someone that is very dear to me in my life is currently facing some marriage struggles.    I will be sharing the link.    Even just your list of what topics are included in the course, is helpful.   

    Hopefully this person will realize that some of the predictors of a long lasting marriage already exists in that person’s relationship with their spouse.    Sometimes it is helpful to just be able to realize that relationships are challenging is part of the normal part of being married.   

    • admin

      Hi Sondra! I thank you for sharing this with your friend, I am sure it should help her. I agree with you that it is important for people to realize relationships can be challenging and it’s normal to experience this.

  • Chloe

    This is a really wonderful post I must say. Divorce rate is getting high and the reasons for these divorce are really silly (permit me to use that) some time ago I heard a young couple breaking up just because she husband doesn’t show appreciation and I was really amazed. I have a list of people I would love to read this post so it can help save their marriage. Thanks for this really wonderful piece. 

    • admin

      Hi Chloe

      Thank you for your compliment. I agree the divorce rates are way too high these days that’s why I am loving helping people with this website full of information for them!

  • Willy

    Lately, broken marriages and divorce is rampant and has always been a serious issues in. Marriages and there are a lot of broken families who are not together due to reasons that are not so serious and could be handled with simple marriage courses like this. I am glad that helpful and innovative courses as this are out to help build marriages and save a lot of them from breaking.

  • DorcasW

    Hello; Save my Marriage mini-course, might be a good fix for some broken marriages, as many spouses would have stayed together if they had known better.

     I had seen marriage broken for nineteen years, and both parties have children from their other relationship and they fixed it. Bus as soon as misfortune trips in on one half the other half quit the union again. People are different; what works for one might not work for all. Do help as many people as you can.


  • Wendy

    This mini course sounds like it is very valuable for anyone who is married. I am a newlywed, but it is both of our second marriages. This time around, I want it to last forever. I think it is important to communicate and work on the marriage all along. It is important for me to keep our marriage strong. So even though we are happy and don’t have any issues, I think this course will be very valuable in the fact that perhaps we can prevent problems down the road. 

  • Jack Stephens

    I read most of your pages and found them chock-full of good, down to earth advice. It is a good precursor to the mini course you are offering. I hope those who get the course will find their marriages strengthened and problems may be avoided. There is a lot of need for materials like this. As a Christian, I look to the Bible for the answers to all things and I am sure if you compare the solutions you are suggesting to people, you will probably find parallels in there. I appreciated your content and wish you the best.

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